Tianjin  Wonder  high-tech Environmental Technology Co,The company 's main business is Water purification, wastewater treatment, air purification and soil remediation and other environmental technology and new materials development and application.Wande Tech and Tianjin Polytechnic University, CNOOC Tianjin Chemical Research Institute, the Tianjin Waterway Group, the State Oceanic Administration, Tianjin Seawater desalination and other units to carry out technical and project cooperation..Our products are widely used in the fields of civil, industrial and military industries, such as thermal power plant, metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, automobile manufacturing, semiconductor, pharmacy and so on. Our main products are filter membrane, environmental protection machinery and equipment, engineering installation and operation and maintenance , Food, beverages, cosmetics, health care and other industries on the requirements of high-quality water.
           In the fierce market competition, Wande people with the scientific management and constant innovation, and constantly develop environmentally friendly, low-carbon, efficient, energy-saving new products, excellent product quality, better service attitude, equality and mutual benefit, Integrity and trustworthiness of the principle, and domestic and foreign customers to carry out win-win cooperation, the establishment of long-term relationship. We will continue to uphold the scientific and technological innovation is the driving force for enterprise development, honesty and trustworthiness is the development of enterprises of the country, to improve the environment and serve the community is the responsibility and mission, perseverance to provide satisfactory customer service.

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Our products are mainly used for membrane separation materials, manufacturing specific water treatment equipment, facilities, integrated systems to meet the water purification, brackish water desalination, desalination, water reuse, wastewater treatment, special material concentration separation And other different areas of the product demand, used in food, chemical, power, steel, electronics, medicine, automotive and other different industries. R & D advantage.

R & D strengths

Our R & D in the establishment of its own R & D team and the construction of R & D facilities on the basis of the same time with a number of research institutes in Tianjin to establish production and research cooperation. Through scientific and technological information exchange and research and development, to maximize the advantages of resources to meet market demand for products and processes. In recent years, the development of membrane materials and new technology has been very good application and promotion.

Quality advantages

Our quality is based on advanced production technology, ISO quality system as the support, scientific management as a means to create a good production environment, develop strict quality control methods, the establishment of effective quality control measures to ensure that products Factory pass rate can reach 100%.

Service advantages

In addition to our customers can provide water treatment related products and systems integration, but also to provide relevant testing and consulting services for customers to develop a complete system solutions. To meet customer needs as the center, we establish a complete service system mechanism, enabling customers to minimize the input to maximize the return on output.

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